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In Freehold, hodlers can grow their holdings and reputation by educating others about crypto. (coming soon)

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How it works

Complete a challenge

By creating value

Earn crypto

As a reward for making an impact


As the value of your crypto changes

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Earn crypto by building communities you believe in.
Drew Falkman photography
Drew Falkman

Freehold is an amazing community of like-minded people biased for action, from whom you learn and discover new things every day. This is one of the amazing communities that has arisen in blockchain. I recommend it to anyone who believes in hodling $STX.

Marek Sławiński photography
Marek Sławiński

Freehold is for anyone who understands the value of the Stacks ecosystem - no matter if he or she is a designer, teacher, or writer.

Ethan Tan photography
Ethan Tan

Freehold is an initiative where like-minded individuals learn, work, and get paid towards a common goal, and foster strong camaraderie along the way.

challenge board

Crypto is for hodling

Crypto enables a digital ownership economy

But passive owners don't create much value for the things they own

With Freehold, hodlers can grow their holdings and reputation by educating others about crypto

City photo
Get mayors to adopt their CityCoin


$25,000 per city


End of year

Supporting a city should be as simple as buying and holding its associated CityCoin. Get cities to #pickupthebag.

Cash App logo
Get Stacking integrated into Cash App




3 months, 2 days

Jack Dorsey knows Bitcoin is the internet's money. Let's help integrate STX into Cash App.

hodl score

Freehold is for hodlers

Crypto can enable exponential gains.
But disingenuous owners can profit from misleading others.
A HODL Score is a metric for reputation, signaling value via your community impact and crypto assets.
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The stakeholders

Anthony Pompliano
Anthony Pompliano
Pomp Investments
Amanda Cassatt
Amanda Cassatt
Co-founder Serotonin, prev. CMO Consensys
Balaji Srinivasan
Balaji Srinivasan
Angel Investor, a16z and Coinbase
Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover
Product Hunt Founder

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