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Freehold aims to expand the world’s wealth by enabling people to work on things they believe in.

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Patrick Stanley photography
Patrick Stanley

Founder, CEO

Patrick Stanley was previously the Head of Growth at Stacks. He studied Economics and Psychology at Johns Hopkins, and was the first employee at a16z-backed lending startup Earnest which sold for $155m in 2017.

Kristen Wagner photography
Kristen Wagner

Operations Program Manager

Kristen started out managing augmented reality and artificial intelligence studies at Microsoft. Since then she has served as a privacy & security consultant for major companies around the world. In an operational role, it's been said she could launch a rocket with just a spreadsheet and some webhooks.

Jason Schrader photography
Jason Schrader

DevOps Engineer

Jason is an engineer, open source advocate, and Stacks ecosystem community member. He previously owned a global IT company, and enjoys work on governance and side projects within the Stacks ecosystem.

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