Updates and musings from the people building the hodler economy.

Great Founders Seek Investors with Reach

Why distribution is better than capital

Media Communities > Media Companies

Who better to tell your story than you?

How Cities Can Use Freeholds and CityCoins

A new way to support your favorite city

Everyone Will Be an Investor

Accessibility and necessity are reshaping markets

Blockchains Reinvent the Cap Table

How Freehold turns stakeholders into true believers

The Future of Work is Pseudonymous

Soon, most people will live by one name and earn by another

Community Founders Are a New Kind of Tech Founder

A community-first approach to building a business empowers a new kind of company founder.

How CityCoins Can Fund Your City

Support your city and grow your earnings at the same time.

Announcing our Stakeholders and Hiring Plan

We’re excited to announce an incredible group of investors, and plans to expand our team and continue growing the Freehold community.

Hodl Score

Today we are pleased to launch Hodl Score, a new way to measure an individual's contribution and confidence in the crypto they support.

Freehold Precepts

This list of precepts are the core values of a Freeholder.

Hodl Chat

Today, we are excited to announce a pilot of “Hodl Chat”, a chat group that requires ownership to access.

What is Freehold?

Proof of Hodl communities is the big concept behind Freehold. The question is, is hodling an underexplored use case for cryptocurrencies?

Out of the Crypto Casino, Towards Crypto Civilization: Welcome to Freehold

We need to exit the crypto casino and create crypto civilization. Freehold communities will be the first step in that evolution.