Build your crypto reputation.

Establishing a good Hodl Score will help you increase your earnings within Freehold. A Hodl Score is calculated by the amount earned to date, the amount held, and the time between the first and last hodling activity.

Now, you are probably wondering what are the main benefits of maintaining a good Hodl Score?

You will have a great reputation within the Freehold Community and with yourself.


Your earning opportunities may increase based on your your Hodl Score.


You will get first access to new Freeholds when they launch. Coming Soon.

What is a Hodl Score?

Your Hodl Score is your reputation within the Freehold Community. A Hodl Score can be maintained and improved by successfully completing challenges and retaining your subsequent earnings.

What's the range of Hodl Score?

This Hodl Score range is exceptional. It demonstrates that the Freeholder is exceptionally active over a long period of time and has retained most of their earnings. They are likely known within Freehold for having outsized impact.


This Hodl Score range is above the average and demonstrates that they are dependable within the Freehold Community. Growing the cohort of people in this range and above is a north star for any Freehold.


This Hodl Score range is decent. Not too bad, but not spectacular either. You could go months without earning, or unhodl sizable chunks of your earnings and still wind up with a "fair" score.


This Hodl Score needs some work! The Freeholder needs to be more dedicated within the community to eliminate the risk of being booted out.

Very Low
Below 649

This Hodl Score is well below the average Freeholder. Folks may start out at this score and work their way out rather quickly. This demonstrates minimal adherence to the Freehold precepts and will result in less access to the Freehold community.

How is Hodl Score Calculated?

Your Hodl Score is calculated by using inputs such as total historical earnings, percentage of total earnings held, date of first earnings, date of most recent earnings. Let's go through the factors one by one 👇

Total Historical Earnings - How much of a specific cryptocurrency you've earned over your lifetime.

Percentage of Total Earnings Held - The amount kept in your wallet divided by total historical earnings.

Date of First Earnings - When did you start earning a specific cryptocurrency.

Date of Most Recent Earnings - The last time you earned a specific cryptocurrency.

How do Freeholds or Crypto Providers use my Hodl Score?

Currently, Hodl Score works as a private feedback loop delivered to respective Freeholders' emails each week.

In the future, it may be a used to enable access control to special groups and stakeholding opportunities, for identifying community leaders, determining earning rates, and developing a crypto labor market for future employment within the crypto space. 🚀

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