Community Growth Lead

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Freehold is a holder-only community that earns crypto to grow their respective ecosystems. Our community creates accurate and useful content about Bitcoin, Stacks (STX), and other digital assets so that more people can benefit from their use. Our investors include Anthony Pompliano, Amanda Cassatt, Balaji Srinivasan, and Ryan Hoover.

We are looking to hire a Community Growth Lead to join our team. This is a full-time remote position and a unique opportunity to grow a crypto community of passionate, high-impact individuals from all over the world.

The Community Growth lead will work with the community to increase their impact and help them work together at scale.

💪 A strong candidate will have:

  • Excellent communication and copywriting skills (native or fluent English speaker)
  • Bias towards using data to support decision-making
  • Enduring optimism, kindness, and curiosity
  • An ability to coordinate hundreds of people to work together to accomplish improbable goals
  • Good sense for the expected impact and prioritization of work to be done in most scenarios
  • Ability to run multiple high touch workstreams with the community at once
  • Working knowledge of social applications (ex.: Clubhouse, Youtube, Reddit, Discord, Twitter)
  • Strong curiosity or understanding of the crypto landscape (Bitcoin, DeFi, NFTs, etc)
  • Understanding of the Stacks (STX) ecosystem is a plus.
  • Can work West Coast US hours comfortably

Roles and Responsibilities

🤝 Community

  • Be a community member in practice, working alongside and involved in the conversations being had.
  • You will be asked to provide input at product meetings to help us build better products for Freeholders
  • You will help define goals and rally the community to achieve them
  • Collaborate with the Freehold Team and its community towards a shared vision
  • Have real fun with the community
  • Moderate and create agendas for community calls such as the recurring monthly challenge forum, monthly town-halls and weekly community sync

🌿 Growth

  • You will find a replicable method for nurturing community members into leaders, supporting further growth of the community
  • You will do 1:1 outreach to convert new Freeholders that could be a great fit for Freehold
  • Generate ideas with the community on how they can work together to have measurably outsized impact, then post the challenge publicly for Freeholders
  • Initially manage partner relations when needed to help the community achieve a goal or grow in size
  • Have full access to Freehold distribution channels (Twitter, Youtube, email, etc.)


Salary Range: $80-100k

Equity: 0.45 - 0.65%

If you are excited by the description and could see yourself joining our small but fast-growing team, please submit more information using the button below!

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