Announcing our Stakeholders and Hiring Plan

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We’re excited to announce an incredible group of investors, and plans to expand our team and continue growing the Freehold community.

Given the complexity of Freehold’s mission, our investors are integral to our success, and we couldn’t be more humbled by the caliber of these advisors:

Anthony Pompliano: Pomp Investments

Amanda Cassatt: Founder of Serotonin, previous CMO at Consensys 

Balaji Srinivasan: Angel investor, ex-a16z GP, ex-Coinbase CTO, founder of, co-founder of Counsyl 

Ryan Hoover: Founder of Product Hunt and investor at Weekend Fund

Freehold welcomes the best investors in the space to support us to build a platform and community that will last decades, not years, and who support our mission to expand the world’s digital wealth by enabling people to work on things they believe in.

Our commitment to growing a new hodler economy, where reputation and high-impact work are rewarded, is entirely new. We are determined to continue building this essential piece of crypto civilization, and we are dedicated to building it properly with the right people.

Follow @patrickwstanley on Twitter for more news about our investors in the next week.

Interested in working at Freehold? 

We’re hiring for three key positions: Community Growth Lead, Editor in Chief, and Chief of Staff. If you’re interested, click here to apply →

Want to join the Freehold Community?

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